A Gift of Trees...

When you want to say thank-you, consider a gift that will last a lifetime: the gift of trees. Through the Fairfax County Restoration Project's Reforest Fairfax, a single gift means that five native trees will be planted in Fairfax County in honor of your family member, friend or client.

The recipient will be notified of the gift in a beautiful card displaying your personal message and will be able to track the locations of the planted trees through a map on our website. Give trees for any occasion, including client thank-yous, fundraisers, corporate promotions, loyalty program awards, teacher appreciations, birthday and graduation presents, and baby and wedding gifts.

By giving trees, you also will be helping to ensure a beautiful and healthy place to live and work long into the future. Trees clean our air and water, protect our streams, prevent soil erosion, lower city temperatures, and boost property values. In intensely developed Fairfax County, trees are more vital to our health and welfare than ever. When you give the gift of trees, you're not just saying thank-you; you're helping to plant our future.

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If you would like to plant tree seedlings in your community,
please contact fcrpp3@gmail.com.

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