Purchase a Gift
Unique Gift Idea for Family, Friends & Clients
Each $35 gift includes:

  • Five (5) tree seedlings that will be planted in Fairfax County by Fairfax ReLeaf during the next planting season (spring or fall)*.
  • A gift card with your personal greeting.
  • A gift certificate with the registration numbers of your trees.
  • Access to an on-line locator tool to find where your lot numbers were planted.

To pay by check, please send a check for $35 along with your name and the name and address of the recipient to:

Fairfax Releaf c/o NVSWCD
12055 Government Center Pkwy, Suite 905
Fairfax, VA 22035

*Please allow two weeks to process orders.
*Each season gifts purchased before the Equinox dates will be planted during the upcoming planting season. In 2011 the autumnal equinox will occur on September 23rd and the next vernal equinox will occur on March 23rd, 2012 . Gifts purchased past those dates will be planted during the following planting season.

To learn more about the equinox please visit http://analemma.org/ or visit Observatory Park in Great Falls, Virginia.

If you would like to plant tree seedlings in your community,
please contact fcrpp3@gmail.com.

An initiative of the Fairfax County Restoration Project