About Reforest Fairfax

Reforest Fairfax is a gifting program designed to restore the tree canopy in Fairfax County. Each $35 gift certificate pays for five native tree seedlings that will be planted by Fairfax ReLeaf (www.fairfaxreleaf.org/) in the next planting season (spring or fall). A tree canopy is the layer of trees that cover the ground when viewed from above.** In an urban area, even a few backyard oaks count as part of the canopy and make a vital difference to the ecosystem. The urban tree canopy provides many economic and environmental benefits, including conserving energy, providing wildlife habitat, improving air and water quality, lowering outdoor temperatures, and boosting property values.* Plus, the trees add beauty to neighborhoods and shopping areas as well as along streets.

In 2007, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a goal for the urban canopy to extend across 45% of the county by 2037. This thirty-year tree canopy goal will require the planting of more than 2 million trees.

To learn more about the tree canopy goal in Fairfax County, please visit
More information about urban tree canopy benefits can be found at

**Virginia Department of Forestry, Urban Tree Canopy Analysis of Virginia Localities, May 9, 2011. http://cnre.vt.edu/gep/va_utc.html

If you would like to plant tree seedlings in your community,
please contact fcrpp3@gmail.com.

An initiative of the Fairfax County Restoration Project